Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Street: A film with the homeless

Phoenix and the Brunswick Street Mission share a passion for breaking the cycle of poverty while tackling the reality of homelessness in our community. We invite you to join the Brunswick Street Mission on Saturday, March 27th in the viewing of a "The Street: A film with the homeless”.

The Street was the winner of a Special Jury Award for Documentaries at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1996 and the People's Choice Award at the 1997 Canadian International Documentary Film Awards in Toronto, the film is a gritty, compelling look at life on the streets that moves beyond the media stereotypes to show both the humanity of the homeless and the street-toughened aspects of their existence.

The film is being screened from 10:00- noon at the Oxford Theatre on the corner of Oxford Street and Quinpool Road. Tickets are $15 and can be ordered through the Brunswick Street Mission (423- 4605).

All proceeds are in support of the Mission programs.

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