Friday, August 13, 2010

IAP2 Training in Halifax this fall!

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of Capital Health, I am pleased to invite you to participate in our International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Certificate Program.

At Capital Health we believe meaningful dialogue and strong relationships between us and our patients, staff, clients, community and stakeholders is fundamental to building client and patient-centred care. We strongly support citizen and stakeholder engagement. We believe that citizen and stakeholder engagement is a prerequisite for achieving excellence in health care. Being connected to the people we serve in a meaningful way will ensure that our programs are timely, effective and financially sustainable.

As part of this commitment to citizen and stakeholder engagement Capital Health is hosting an IAP2 Certificate Program to further build skills and capacity within Capital Health and our community. We believe that capacity for our partners, stakeholders and contractors to engage with us and with their stakeholders is also very important. That is why we are extending this invitation for you to join us during this three-part training in Halifax: Planning 16-17 September, Techniques 25-26 October and Communication 27 October. I have attached the course flyer and registration form for your information and consideration, and look forward to the possibility of you joining us for this event.

Please note that you could qualify for a maximum 10% discount off the publicly-listed course price list. If you would like to register or need further information about this training, or about the IAP2 Certificate Program, please contact our instructor, Richard Delaney:

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