Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Annual Halifax Peninsula Bicycle Screenline Count - Volunteers Needed!

HRM is conducting a "screenline count" to get a better picture of how many people are cycling on the peninsula and they're looking for volunteers to help them out.

The time commitment is no more than 5 hours: 3-6 pm on Monday, September 20th and 7-9am on Tuesday, September 21st.

Contact Hanita Koblents at or 490-8474 if you want to volunteer or have any questions.


-A sample count of all the cyclists passing through a ‘screenline’ on the Halifax peninsula during peak travel times. Counters will be stationed at a number of points along the screenline throughout a single ‘typical’ work day.

-In addition to counting numbers of cyclists, we will also note cyclist behaviours (legal usage of road, traffic violations, traffic avoidance, helmet usage, etc.), gender, and age category.

-To develop a baseline and begin a program to monitor trends in travel (cycling) choices. By understanding if numbers of cyclists are increasing or decreasing, we may be able to gauge the relative success of municipal efforts aimed at improving cycling infrastructure. HRM already collects this data for bicycle trips onto and off-of the peninsula, but is seeking additional data for activity within the peninsula.

-At 16 intersections along Quinpool and Cogswell Streets, a corridor which bisects the peninsula with largely residential uses to the north, and large employment centres to the south (downtown Halifax, hospitals, universities).

-A half hour training session for volunteers will be held on Monday September 20th, 3pm (meet at the bleachers of the ball diamond at the north east corner of Robie and Cogswell, on the Halifax North Common).

-The counts will take place immediately after training on Monday September 20, 2010 from 4 - 6pm and again on Tuesday September 21 from 7 - 9 am, weather permitting.

-Results of the count will be published on September 22, 2010 - World Car Free Day, and during the TAC Conference September 24 - 29 to be held in Halifax this year.

-In the event of rain or bad weather the count will be called off by noon on Monday September 20th, and rain dates of Thursday September 23 (3pm training, 4-6pm count) and Friday September 24 (7-9am count)

-16 volunteers to count bicycles, and one runner.

-Volunteers need to be available for the training session as well as for both count days, or “buddied-up” in am/pm pairs, and also need to be available on the rain date.

Contact Hanita Koblents at or 490-8474 if you want to volunteer or have any questions

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