Friday, December 17, 2010

Healthy Holidays!

Have you noticed that alcohol is everywhere during the holiday season? We’re part of a group of Nova Scotians who are looking at ways to get people talking and thinking about the way we’re drinking. We’re looking at a new Nova Scotia where a change in culture will mean a place where you feel comfortable and confident saying no to one more and a time "when a drink is a drink… and company is the pleasure." Check out the Changing the Culture video and share your "when" moment at

Entertaining is both an art and a responsibility. Your duties as host extend to being aware of the alcohol consumption of your guests, particularly if this is a workplace-sponsored activity. If you do, you will be making sure that everyone has a great time, from the beginning right through to a happy ending. Remember, serving alcohol involves responsibility. For example, did you know that you can be held legally responsible for injuries or damages that are caused by someone to whom you have served alcohol? Our Tips for Responsible Hosting Brochure can help you plan a successful party that’s hassle-free and protects the wellbeing of you and your guests. You can view the brochure at

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