Monday, July 16, 2012

Help set a Guinness World Record to Raise Awareness of Hepatitis

Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia invites the public to join them in setting a Guinness World record on Saturday, July 28th at the Halifax waterfront Helipad by Bishops Landing, 1475 Lower Water St. Come at 11:30 to enjoy entertainment, freebies and lots of fun. At noontime we will join the greatest number of people around the globe doing the “see no, hear no and speak no evil actions” to highlight the need to spread the word about hepatitis prevention and treatment. With less than one hour of your time you can help support worldwide efforts to reduce the impact of this serious illness.

“This is our chance to shine a spotlight on hepatitis, our opportunity to gain recognition for the disease on a global level. And what better way to do this than by setting a Guinness World RecordTM for hepatitis”? Charles Gore, President, World Hepatitis Alliance

Please contact the HepNS office at 902 420 1767 or for more information about this event. For a one page flyer:

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