Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Understanding the Nature of Anxiety-Free Public Lecture

Free Public Lecture
Wednesday October 17th, 7pm
Burke Building - Theatre B
Saint Mary's University, Halifax

A free public talk exploring the topic of clinical anxiety, and suitable for physicians, mental healthcare workers, and members of general public (ages 15+).  This presentation begins with a discussion of anxiety symptoms and how persistent anxiety impacts quality of life.  I then outline some of the side-ranging causes, including conscious versus unconscious anxiety, while also providing illustrative examples of its reinforcing nature.  Lastly, I will explore methods of intervention, including what I call "symptom management" versus "genuine treatment," suggesting that the standard medical model of mental illness often confuses the two.

This Lecture is being offered by Brad Peters, Psychologist - co-owner of Cornerstone Psychological Services, writer and part-time professor at Saint Mary's University.
For more information call 407-4455

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