Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pre-employment Training

The YWCA LEAP Program offers “Pre-employment Training and Life Skills Development for Immigrant Women” and is directed toward enabling the effective settlement of 15 immigrant women facing multiple barriers to immigration. As a means of achieving this goal, the program objectives include ensuring immigrant women secure appropriate, safe and affordable housing, achieve life skills, such as lifting communication barriers and financial literacy, and gaining an understanding of the labor market.

The program start date is, February 8th 2010, and runs through March 31st 2010; therefore YWCA staff is now in the process of conducting participant intakes.

The overall structure of the program will meet the following criteria:

7.5 hours of workshop facilitation

2 hours of peer group sessions each week in order to develop a supportive peer network for immigrant women, by immigrant women (these two hours sessions will be scheduled as per the convenience of the women).

27 hours of one-on-one counseling sessions (case management will take place at the YWCA and/or in the participant’s home if it is more convenient)

Childcare is available onsite the YWCA Childcare centre and is free of charge

Robyn Smith
LEAP Coordinator
YWCA Halifax
423-6162 ext.257
fax: 423-7761

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