Friday, February 12, 2010

Right to Read

Please help to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted continue to have access to books and information in formats they can read – like talking books, newspapers and magazines on CD, braille and printbraille books for children.

Library services for blind and partially sighted Canadians are in jeopardy. For more than 90 years, CNIB has struggled to fund these services with charitable dollars. But CNIB can’t afford to go it alone any longer. Without support from our federal and provincial governments, the CNIB Library could be closed in two years.

Reading is a right, not a privilege. We read to learn, work and connect to the world. Everyone has the right to read. If you are blind or partially sighted, that right is in jeopardy.

All Canadians can go to their local public libraries that are supported by tax dollars, but 800,000 Canadians – including 22,400 New Brunswickers, 30,000 Nova Scotians and 4,000 Prince Edward Islanders who are blind or partially sighted must rely on a library service that is supported through charitable donations.

It is unacceptable to have a two-tiered system when it comes to accessing books and information.

Please help CNIB protect the right to read.

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