Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Into Action Challenge

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

March 20th marked the first day of spring! That means it is time for the
Horizons’ Spring Into Action Challenge! There were over 400 participants in
2009, and we would love to see even more people get active and participate
this year!

This year we are looking forward to having more international friends and
colleagues join us for this Spring Into Action challenge! So join us on our
journey, get active and see what people in other parts of the country are
doing to stay fit!

Spring Into Action is an annual challenge that Horizons Community
Development Associates Inc. issues to our colleagues and friends/families.
This year it takes place from April 19th to May 30th. The purpose of the
campaign is for all of us to get physically active, and fit for summer!

Some teams have already registered and if you have emailed us a registration
form, but haven’t received a confirmation email, please do contact us at:

Challenge Details:

· Our challenge runs for six weeks, beginning Monday April 19th and ending
Sunday May 30th, 2010.

· The goal is for members of each team to accumulate at least 30 minutes of
physical activity a day for five days each week.

· 30 minutes of activity can be accumulated throughout a 24- hour period in
a minimum of 10-minute blocks of time.

· There is an opportunity for every team and individual to win a weekly
prize draw as long as they meet their 30 minutes per day for five days a

· The Individual Winner’s Grand Prize is $100 to be used toward anything the
winner would like, related to physical activity (e.g., new running shoes,
swim passes, family outings to the gym).

· All the participants who achieved the goal of 30 minutes a day for five
days each week, for the whole six weeks of the challenge will be entered
into a Grand Prize draw at the end of the Challenge!

· As a Team prize, Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. will make
a $150 donation (in the winning Team’s name) to a local sport/recreation
fund for kids, chosen by the Team with the greatest proportion of
participants who meet our weekly goal for the duration of the Challenge.

Activity Ideas:

Light Effort: Light walking, Gardening, Stretching, Frisbee, Housework

Moderate: Housework, Brisk walking, Yard Work, Swimming, Dancing, Golfing

Vigorous: Jogging, Soccer, Basketball, Fast Biking, Ultimate Frisbee

So get your household and/or co-workers together to make a team (because you
are going to be out and about more, we are suggesting a maximum of 10-15
people per team), grab your sneakers, get outside, enjoy the fresh air, have
fun, and of course… SPRING Into Action!

To register go to www.horizonscda.ca and download and complete the
registration form posted on our website. Then email them to Josephine at
sia@horizonscda.ca or fax: 1-902-864-5249.

Deadline for registrations is April 14th 2010.

Check us out on Facebook:


For more information please contact sia@horizonscda.ca

Hope to hear from you soon!

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