Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need to Know

NEED TO KNOW - news for partners and friends of Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services - SEPTEMBER 2009

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What is Withdrawal Management? Why don't we call it "Detox" anymore? Withdrawing from alcohol or drug use isn’t as easy as saying, “I quit.” The withdrawal process is extremely complex. Getting the substance out of one’s system — a process known as “detoxification” — is just the beginning. APTS has been helping clients through the process of withdrawal for decades now. Read the complete story, "What is Withdrawal Management," by following this link:

Navigating concurrent disorders: The road to recovery in any illness can be daunting, but this is especially true when health concerns cross over traditional boundaries or treatment areas. For instance, people with concurrent disorders – individuals who have been diagnosed with both a mental health concern and an addiction – frequently face confusing treatment options. Read a story about how Capital Health's APTS and Mental Health Services are working together to help clients with concurrent disorders. Click this link:

Meeting the unique needs of women in recovery: Matrix Women’s Treatment Services helps women affirm their strengths, make healthy lifestyle changes, develop positive relationships and explore issues related to substance use and/or gambling. “I was at my lowest low and decided to reach out for help. The intensity of the work [within the Matrix program] gave me a new awareness with the will and desire to go on with my life,” said one recent client. To learn more about Matrix, please contact Jane Stephen (425-1369) or Kim Bernard (424-7200) or email us at for a copy of our new Matrix brochure.

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APTS Tobacco Intervention Program offers crucial support: “Through APTS, you are not left to your own devices when quitting smoking. You build a support network. You get the education. There is follow-up. Free Nicotine Replacement Therapies are offered. Staff are available to talk to you.”
- Louise Gorman, former participant, APTS Tobacco Intervention Program
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