Monday, September 21, 2009

Women's Employment Program

The LAUNCH program meets the needs of the young women it serves by incorporating principles of youth engagement, inclusion, and popular education into the programming model. Throughout the program young women are provided a safe space to self-discover talents and explore interests in a holistic, nurturing, and supportive environment.

The YWCA’s LAUNCH Program provides young women ages 18-30, who are current recipients of social assistance or who are unemployed or under employed, with the opportunity to participate in a unique educational approach that is driven by and for them — centered on their unique needs and issues.

YWCA Halifax’s LAUNCH Internship Program includes 6 weeks of Life Skills and employment readiness training and 25 weeks of internship work placement.

Life Skills and Employment Readiness Training
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: YWCA Halifax, 1233 Barrington Street
Compensation: Minimum wage for 6 weeks of 30 hours per week.

During the 6 weeks of Life Skills and Employment Readiness Training participants will develop the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes needed to actively participate in today’s workforce. The 6 weeks of training includes but is not limited to the following content:
· Portfolio Development
· Financial Literacy
· Microsoft Office Proficiency
· Communication and Conflict Management
· Leadership, Management, and Teamwork
· Employment & Education: Goals and Opportunities

Internship Work Placement
Duration: 25 Weeks
Location: YWCA Halifax & at Internship Organizations
Compensation: Minimum wage for 25 weeks of 30 hours per week.

Interns work with a YWCA partner organization to complete this portion of the LAUNCH program. Interns are given clear guidance to their role within the organization and the expectations of the organization. The intern’s work is related directly to the terms of reference for the placement created by them and their supervisor. This serves as a reporting tool for the placement supervisor, the intern and the LAUNCH Program Coordinator. During the work placement, interns have the opportunity to take part in professional development workshops at least once month and are required to meet with the LAUCNH coordinator for 1 hour per week.

For more information please contact:
Chantal Brushett, BAA MA
Employability & Life Skill’s Manager
YWCA Halifax – A Turning Point for Women
1233 Barrington Street, HFX NS B3J 1Y2
Tel: 902-423-6162 Ext. 256
Fax: 902-423-7761


  1. Well, to those who doesn't have 6 weeks, they can still enroll whmis online course. Online courses are self paced so they can finish it anytime they want without having to think about the location and schedule of the training.

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