Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Public Education Events

Novel Tech Ethics (Dalhousie University) is beginning a new season of public education events including a public talk, two café scientifiques, our annual movie series (opening with The Soloist), and a film screening and panel discussion during Brain Awareness Week.

Tales from the Script: Insider/Outsider Perspectives on Pharmaceutical Industry Sales Practices
Wed., Jan.13, 2010 (7:30PM)
Room 104, Weldon Law Building, Dalhousie University campus, Halifax
Topics: pharmaceutical ‘culture’, pharmaceutical sales & marketing
Speaker: Michael Oldani (Medical Anthropologist). Prior to his current research on the pharmaceutical industry's impact on psychiatry and society, Dr. Michael J. Oldani worked for Pfizer Inc., the largest drug company in the world.

Treating Alzheimer's Disease: What to Take? Who to Trust?
Thurs., Jan.14, 2010 (7:00-9:00PM)
Uncommon Grounds Coffee House, 1030 South Park St., Halifax
Topics: pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals for AD, marketing practices, regulation, consumer safety & education
Moderator: Françoise Baylis (Bioethicist/Philosopher)
Panellists: Kieran Cooley (Naturopathic Medicine); Michael Oldani (Medical Anthropologist); Donald Weaver (Neurologist)

States of Mind 2010: a Film Series on the Ethics of Mental Health
All screenings on Tuesdays, (7:00 PM), QEII Royal Bank Theatre, Halifax Infirmary, 1796 Summer St.
Moderator: Timothy Krahn

Part 1. Tues., Jan.19, 2010. The Soloist
Topics: schizophrenia, homelessness
Panellists: Andrew Fenton (Bioethicist); Jean Hughes (Nursing professor); Patient/Community representative: Vincent Daigle

Part 2. Tues., Jan.26, 2010. Rachel Getting Married
Topics: addictions, family dynamics
Panellists: Andrew Fenton (Bioethicist); Fiona Martin (Social Anthropologist); Patient/Community representative: Susan Kilbride-Roper

Part 3. Tues., Feb.2, 2010: Stop-Loss
Topics: PTSD, death & grief, abuse
Panellists: Andrew Fenton (Bioethicist); Military Counsellor and/or other panellists: TBA

Part 4. Tues., Feb.9, 2010: Little Miss Sunshine
Topics: suicide, teen identity, family dynamics, body image & identity
Panellists: Andrew Fenton (Bioethicist); Cassandra Hanrahan (Social Work professor)

The Minority Report
Mon., Mar.15, 2010 (6:30PM!!)
QEII Royal Bank Theatre, Halifax Infirmary, 1796 Summer St.
Topics: novel neurotechnologies, neuroimaging, criminal law, criminal procedure, sociology of policing, security and governance
Moderator: Timothy Krahn
Panellists: Ryan D’Arcy (Neuroimaging specialist), Archibald Kaiser (Law professor), Letitia Meynell (Philosopher), Christopher Murphy (Sociologist)

Making Babies One at a Time: When Two is a Crowd
Date: mid-April, 2010 TBA (7:00-9:00PM)
Location: TBA
Moderator: Susan Sherwin (Bioethicist/Philosopher)
Panellists: Françoise Baylis (Bioethicist/Philosopher); Carolyn McLeod (Bioethicist/Philosopher); David Young (Obstetrician)

For more information, contact Timothy Krahn.
Tel. (902) 494-2936
Fax. (902) 494-2924

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