Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are You or Someone You Know an Ambassador for Autism?

The Provincial Autism Centre is looking for nominees that are champions in the autism community who:

• Go above and beyond to create awareness for the cause
• Have worked tirelessly to make a difference – “the unsung hero”
• Have demonstrated leadership in the autism community by volunteering, fundraising, education, healthcare and/or research
Nominate a Champion Today

A nomination requires only a few moments of your time for life-long recognition.To nominate yourself or someone you know that is deserving of this prestigious award, all we need is:

• The name of the nominee and their contact information
• A brief description as to why the nominee should be considered for the Autism Green Jacket Award
• Your contact information as the nominator

The Autism Green Jacket Committee will contact the nominee and the nominator for additional information, as necessary. The 2011 recipient will be honoured during the Autism Green Jacket ceremony at the Autism Golf Ball event on October 15, 2011.

Deadline for Nominations is July 8, 2011

Get nomination forms online at: http://www.provincialautismcentre.ca/

For more information contact the Provincial Autism Centre at:
902.446.4995 or Toll Free 1.877.544.4495 (NS)

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